What is The Second Deal?
The Second Deal (TSD) is a members-only website focused on serious talk about card magic.

Why should I pay to join TSD when there are free magic forums?
There are many other magic forums that don't require a subscription. If you don't know about TSD or it's history, then TSD may not be for you.

Can I get a preview of what's inside?
There are no free trials or previews of TSD. If you know a current member, ask them to tell you about TSD. Maybe they will also sponsor you.

What browser should I use to access TSD?
If you use Internet Explorer, you might as well be killing a puppy or a kitten. I'd recommend you use either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

How do I join TSD?
See the Sign Up page for details.

Where are the rest of the FAQ's?
Who knows! Got questions? Email me.